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Maximum BTU 55,000
Log Size 18"
Burn Time up to 8 hrs.
Optimum Efficiency 77.70%
Firebox Capacity 1.4 cu. ft.
Emissions (gms/hr) 3
View Area 143 sq. in.
Room Size 1000 sq. ft.
Hampton HI200 Small Cast Iron Wood Insert
Mfgr's Suggested List Price $2287 grey /$2737 enamel
Regency Hampton®HI300 Medium Wood Insert
Mfgr's Suggested List Price $2713 grey finish or
51 enamel brown porcelain finish

Maximum BTU 75,000
Log Size 18"
Optimum Efficiency 77.00%
Firebox Capacity 2.3 cu. ft.
Emissions (gms/hr) 3.44
Room Size 2000 sq. ft.
Stoll Heat Champion
Hybrid E-Z Install  Wood Burning Insert
The high cost of a wood stove
The extra weight.... only 165 lbs
The expense of chimney cleaning and..........
No direct connect to the flue needed
choice of painted finishes
Larger viewing area and flush fit
Thermostatically controlled blower
Ceramic glass with screen doors for open
BBQ grill
Swinging crane for dutch oven or soup pot

$2195 small 40" w
$2499 large 44"w
The Heat Champion is a
custom built unit. Depth,
height, width, shape can all be
custom specified according to
the your fireplace dimensions
The Regency CI1200 Alterra Wood Insert
A. Air Intake and Outlet, Decorative Railing, Controls,
and Hinge Detail of Blacksmith
B. Optional Adjustable Stainless Steel Cooking Grill
and Heat Exchanger Tubes with Retainer Bar
C. Decorative Banding with Rivets, and Keystone
Applique' Detail of Blacksmith
D. Back/Side View of Unit
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Pellet -Wood -Gas
bottom and rear heatshields.

Catalytic Clean lines and large glass area for excellent fire
X-Large         Large                 Small
Log Length           22"-24"      20"-22"              16"-18"       
Flue size                6" round    6" round           6" round  
Avg burn time         12 hours   9 hours             8 hours
Max output       55,000 btu     40,000 btu      35,000 btu
Weight                 480 lbs       420 lbs              400 lbs
Efficiency                  63%     63%                    63%
DutchWest Catalytic Wood Stove – Small 2460  
DutchWest Catalytic Wood Stove – Large 2461 $1,889.00
DutchWest Catalytic Wood Stove –X Large 2462  $2,169.00
Mfgr's Suggested List Price $2013
Vermont Castings Dutchwest  Catalytic Wood Stoves
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132 cfm fan
11 gage   
24" w x 14 d
Greatly Increases the Efficiency of Your Fireplace
Estimated 40,000 BTU
Therma Static Auto On/Off Switch
Constructed of Heavy Duty 14" Gauge Steel
and 3 Beautiful Louver Designs
Variable speed,
thermostatic fan control
Left/Right interchangable
fan placement
40,000 estimated BTU*
into your fireplace
Grate Heater
Wood Burning Grate Heaters For Existing Fireplaces
With gas prices on the rise it's time you start putting your of the
chimney. These Fireplace Heaters do just that, and we can
accommodate almost any fireplace .
Fireplace Grates
Mfgr's Suggested List Price $2063
Blacksmith Heat
Champion with
Keystone Applique,
Blacksmith Handles,
Decorative Banding, &
Door Accents
Old World Design
Burnished Bronze Finish
Custom sizes available
Heat Champion Facing
range of styles using our popular
louver designs. Magnetic decorative
facade disguises blower vents.
Choice of 12 different facades
Flush Front Wood Burning Insert
Traditional and Contemporary
•Up to 55,000 BTU’s and heats up to 1,500 sq. ft.
•EPA certified to be one of the cleanest burning
wood inserts available
•Largest ceramic glass viewing area in the
industry, 300 sq. in.
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Economizer™ EPA Wood Burning Insert
Model EPI22
BTU's 65,000
Firebox capacity 1.9 cu. ft.
Area heated 800 - 2,000+
Burn time (hours)8
Max log siz e18"
Emissions (grams per hour)3.6
Flue diameter top 6"
Blower kit available
Timberwolf® Economizer™ Pellet Insert
Designed for efficiency, performance and to
TPI35 Pellet Insert delivers comfortable
heat up to 2,000 sq. ft. Up to 30 hours of
burn time, allows less refueling and minimal
S1 Contemporary medium
EPA Wood Burning Stove
BTU’s 55,000
Area Heated (sq. ft.) 600 – 1,600+
Burn Time (Hours) 7
Roll out ash drawer
available small and large models
Timberwolf 2100 Economizer
Model 2100
BTU's 65,000
Firebox capacity 1.9 cu. ft.
Area heated 800 - 2,000+
Burn time (hours) 8
Max log size 18"
Emissions (grams per hour) 3.6
Flue diameter top 6"
Blower kit available
6"x 25 ft stainless steel
chimney liner kit
• 8 gauge steel laser-cut faceplate
• 50/200 CFM variable speed blower
• Thermostatic on/off fan control
• 50,000 estimated BTU*
* Heats 1-2 rooms
Easy install - just slide into fireplace-
no pipe connections needed
• 6 high-temp powder coat finishes
• Gasketed doors; pyro-ceramic glass
• Cabinet Mesh doors
• Custom sizes; shipped completely
• Optional Grill
• Optional Swinging Kettle Holder
• 165 lbs. estimated weight
• Power Cord can be routed on the left or
right side at the bottom of the unit.
Call for Current Sale Pricing !!
Call for Current Sale Pricing !!
Call for Current Sale Pricing !!
Call for Current Sale Pricing !!
* Assembly
* Service
* Delivery
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dried hardwood sawdust bricks used for home heating fuel in
wood burning stoves, wood burning fireplaces, outdoor fire pits,
Clean storage, cost effective
Burns longer than cordwood
BTUs and retail cost of a
42"x42"x48" skid Eco Bricks = 48"x48"x96" cord of well seasoned
fire wood.
Eco-bricks are twice the density of cordwood and about the same
energy density as coal with burn times significantly longer than
We are taking orders for Fall 2014
$336/ ton
Regency Alterra® CS2400 large Wood Stove
Mfgr's Suggested price Large $2496  /Medium $1996
Maximum BTU 75,000
Log Size 18"
Burn Time up to 8 hrs
Optimum Efficiency 77.0%
Firebox Capacity 2.3 cu. ft.
Emissions (gms/hr) 3.4
Room Size 1000-2200 sq. ft
Big Bay $2999
12 hr burn time
Heats to 2500 sq ft